PayDay 2 Hacks

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Pay Day 2, It's time for a little funner hiesting.

Download PayDay 2 now, no torrent, no virus, no beta. I pre-orded the game back in July and just recieved my copy. Other than ripping and spreading the files, i decided to hack it in hopes of generating web traffic. So while you're playing, Stop grinding exp and money when you can just click a button and have the equivilent of 20 hiests done instantly. Why stop there?

Enjoy the powers of god mode, super stealth,

wallchams, superbullets, and pig masks on the police. There's more than we can't list without having a long boring  scrollathon for you to read. Download to the right, Thank you. The advertisements that pop up on the download link pay for my motivation towards improving this hack and keeping the game free for everybody.